Eliminate mistakes when building a property and save time for repairs and later claims. In addition, you will provide the customer with a benefit in the form of early detection of the leakage.


If you want to be sure of a good job done, use MoistureGuard as a tool to check that all work is on schedule and without accidents. Thanks to the system, you are able to detect any irregular condition in the structure and negotiate a quick fix quickly to minimise the consequences.

MoistureGuard’s continuous humidity monitoring system will alert to increased humidity in the structure in time to catch problems and reduce repair costs. You don’t have to worry about later customer complaints then, you and the customer are sure that there were no accidents during the construction.

The MoistureGuard system uses humidity and temperature sensors embedded in the object’s wooden structure.

The MoistureGuard system consists of three components:

  • combined sensors for building into the structure,
  • sensors to measure temperature and humidity in the interior and exterior,
  • central unit for evaluating and collecting data. This stores the data in both local memory and remote server. As a result, the system is able to detect any deviation from the permitted values and alert in time to any potential problem with increased humidity. This has been the case since the very beginning of construction.

What are the moisture problems for the wooden buildings?

  • Increased moisture helps fungi and mold to grow, which can lead to serious health problems for the whole family.
  • Some types of fungi can damage the mechanical properties of wood and permanently degrade it.
  • Excessive humidity contributes to woody processes that damage a solid or structured wood structure.
  • Excessive humidity or total flooding will leave a variety of secondary damage to plaster, electronics, interior fittings, etc.

What is MoistureGuard watching in the wooden buildings?

  • the moisture of solid wood,
  • prefabricated panels with a wooden frame,
  • air cavities within the structure,
  • sandwich floors,
  • the structure of historic wooden structures,
  • glued laminated timber,
  • transhipped (cross) laminated timber.

Do you have a question?




We’ll advise. The MoistureGuard team will recommend places in your property that may be most exposed to moisture and suggest where it would be prudent to place the sensors.

We set everything up. The proposed hardware requires no attention after installation. The maintenance-free monitoring system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will evaluate. Artificial intelligence that is embedded in sensors minimizes the amount of false alarms. Sudden and gradual development of problems is therefore correctly assessed.



Start-up from CTU develops anti-moisture sensor

Houses with wooden construction are becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. Twenty years ago, wooden buildings accounted for about one percent of the construction of single-family homes, but now that figure has risen to fourteen percent.

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