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For whom is MoistureGuard 

Wooden building

Avoid wetting the wooden structure – monitor the moisture inside the beams.


Make sure your builders do good work.


Eliminate mistakes in building real estate.


In particular, design functional housing.


Keep an eye on your investment in wooden building.


Reduce the cost of repairs caused by water leaks.


Find out if the moister level is in compliance.

system for monitoring

Moisture monitoring

MoistureGuard humidity sensors allow you to track the humidity directly in the building structure of the object. They also detect hidden small leaks of water, preventing fatal consequences. This unique system is developed by experts of the University Centre of Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU as a precaution against prolonged exposure to increased humidity.


What can happen?

Moravian Wood Buildings – Houses with Intelligence

Moravian Wood Buildings - Family homes with built-in intelligence Although the Czech Republic is certainly not one of the leaders in the use of wood as a building material, even so, the woodwork of family homes is on the rise in the long term. In absolute...

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When there’s a problem

What if trouble happens? What you wouldn't want to see in your wood building A accident cannot be ruled out 100% even in a timber building. But when a problem does arise, it needs to be dealt with quickly and do nothing to neglect it. Throughout the life...

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Multi-storey wooden building New Javorka – Monínec

The unique building of the New Javorka dependance thanks to MoistureGuard prevented costly reconstruction. Modern multi-storey wooden building is still an exception in the Czech Republic. Even in the surrounding European states, you don't normally encounter the wooden...

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