Unique system developed by experts from the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings allowing humidity and moisture monitoring directly in the structure of building.

Moisture Guard prevents against prolonged exposure of building structure to increased moisture.

System is designed to:

Detects moisture caused by:

Monitors moisture and humidity inside wooden structures

The system is especially designed for use in wooden buildings.
The control unit generates visual and/or acoustic alarms in case of increased moisture or critical humidity.
Moisture Guard allows long-term data storage and visualization via a web browser.
Reveals even small hidden leakages.
Approximately estimates a location of the leakage within the building.

Moisture Guard sensor

Moisture Guard control unit

Overview of sensors

Measurement MHT02485 HT01485
Humidity (%) ✓ ✓
Moisture (%) ✓
Temperature (°C) ✓ ✓

Both sensors are fully compatible with all control units.
Both sensors can be used on a single communication bus simultaneously.
Sensors support addressing.

Overview of control units

Features MGCU_03 MGCU_04 MGCU_05
Online monitoring ✓ ✓
Offline monitoring ✓ ✓ ✓
LAN ✓ ✓
LCD display ✓
LED signaling ✓ ✓
✓ ✓ ✓
Relay ✓ ✓ ✓
Email ✓ ✓

Photos of sensors

Moisture, humidity and temperature sensor MHT02485 – example instalation

Photos of control units

Control unit MGCU_04

Online monitoring

Offline monitoring

Data presentation via online monitoring